ROKKYUU readers are young, savvy, and intelligent fans of the visual kei genre of j-rock music. They have a sharp eye for style and originality, live for art, and love culture. They are technological. They are international. Our readers attend hundreds of music festivals and anime conventions every year, consume millions of hours of broadband multimedia, and are serious about the bands they follow.

ROKKYUU's readers listen to artists you won't necessarily find on the major charts. Like the musicians they idolize, ROKKYUU readers are nonconformists who love edgy, DIY fashion. From sugar-sweet Lolita by Angelic Pretty to the rough-around-the-edges fashion of h.naoto, fans of visual kei are always pushing the boundaries of style.

ROKKYUU readers participate in online communities and outdoor meet-ups geared towards the fandoms they identify with. Our readers keep up-to-date profiles on web communities and engage heavily in social networking, blogging, and texting. These communities are born out of loyalty to the musicians and hobbies of their practitioners and are driven by passion and devotion.

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